Top 12 Best Eye Primer Reviews

Experts have always been saying that eye primer is a necessity else all the eye make-up will just melt and fall off. Spending a few extra seconds applying the primer in the morning is a much better alternative to removing your smudged eye make-up early afternoon.

There are plenty of eye primers on the market and today will look at some of the best after thorough research among hundreds of products.


  • BareMinerals Prime Time:

It has an enormous user base because of its light and weightless texture which lasts all day without smudging or melting, and some users have even gone as far as to call it a miracle product and is worth every penny.


  • Urban Decay:

The Urban Decay Primer does more than just be a primer. It adds a little bit of dazzle and glow and is the Holy Grail amongst all primers in the market with so many users swearing by its ease of use and quality. No matter how much you sweat, your makeup will just not fall off. It’s creamy texture and qualitimpressiveazing.


  • Elf Studio:

The Elf Studio primer is extremely cost-effective, and users have called it ‘beyond brilliant’ because its waterproof capabilities are beyond compare and keep everything in place with its crease-proof finish.


  • Elf Mineral:

The Elf Mineral is one of the most affordable primers you will find and also one of the highest rated. People claim it is one of the primers that require the least amount of application for maximum effect. It also makes the colors stand out and become more vibrant.

  • Mary Kay:

This primer dries the quickest and lasts a very long time reducing the amount of time and effort needed for you to get your make-up done. It is highly recommended for aging skin and makes the skin even creating a canvas for applying the eyeshadow.


  • MAC Prep:

It has one of the best applications for people with sparse lashes and also takes care of the health factor. It gives new life to your lashes and makes them look lovely and elegant.


  • Blinc Lash Primer:

Some women claim it is the best product for people with uneven skin and stays and stays strong even after two coats. After applying the eyelashes look very rich and give off a great texture without making them hard or weird looking.


  • Too Faced:

One of the newer entrants in the market on this list, it has gained great popularity with users swearing by its lightness and keeps the eyeliner in place all day long without smudging and is considered one of the best eye primers by many reviewers. It appears very flattering to look at and enriches the vibrancy of eyeliners.


  • Laura Mercier:

It doubles as a primer as well as a neutral shadow making wrinkles disappear, and it is considered the perfect product for mature skin. The Eye Basics primer from Laura Mercier is very cost effective and lasts all day.

This commercial production orange county video will give you an idea on how to choose the best eye primers for all skin types.

  • LancolmeCils Booster XL:

This primer not only gives protection to your eye makeup but also conditions the lashes and protects them from damage. They halt breakage and enhances even cheap mascara to look premium.


  • NYX Cosmetics HD Eye:

This primer does what primers that cost three times more can’t match. It provides perfect nourishment for your eyes for a price of just 7$ and lasts all day as advertised giving expensive primers a run for their money.


  • It Cosmetics:

Bye, Bye Lid Lines from It Cosmetics is the last on our list of primers, and it is one of the best eye primers in the market as per user reviews on any website with over 97% satisfaction rate. It iideallyly crease proof and is also good for your skin with no harmful chemicals and ingredients. There are green tea extracts and antioxidants to keep your eyes fresh all day long.

You don’t want your make up to melt your face, and these primers do just that and offer excellent quality and value for money.